Glass Bottled Water Delivery

If you’re in the market for bottled water delivery you should seriously consider bypassing plastic bottles altogether and instead, have your water delivered in glass bottles. Glass water bottles represent the ultimate in purity as far as a container goes.  Glass bottles (we carry them in both 3 gallon and 5 gallon sizes) will not leach any chemical or impact the taste of the water in any way. DrinkMore Water proudly provides glass bottled water delivery to homes and offices throughout the Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC metro area.

What options are available for glass bottled water delivery?

DrinkMore Water provides glass bottled water delivery in either 5 gallon bottles or the more convenient 3 gallon bottle size. These glass bottles can be used with virtually any dispenser just like the 3 gallon and 5 gallon plastic bottles. Many people prefer the 5 gallon glass bottles (especially for office delivery) as they represent the best value per gallon. 3 gallon glass bottles on the other hand tend to be more of a home delivery item. People like the 3 gallon glass bottles because they are lighter and easier to lift compared to the 5 gallon size. Both the 3 gallon and 5 gallon glass bottles come with no-spill caps which prevent spillage when paired with a water dispenser using a spill-free system.

What are the benefits of glass bottled water delivery?

Glass water bottles have many benefits when compared to plastic water bottles. To learn more check out our Why Use Glass Water Bottles section.

What’s the best kind of water in glass bottles?

If you are thinking about getting bottled water delivered to your home or office in glass bottles then you want to make certain that the water inside the bottles is of the absolute highest quality. It makes little sense to have a special, premium container made of glass and then filling it with water of questionable quality. DrinkMoreWater provides not only glass bottled water delivery but also the purest water on the planet to go inside those bottles. With DrinkMore Water’s custom engineered 10-stage purification process you receive the purest water on the market. So what exactly makes DrinkMore Water so pure? The heart of DrinkMore Water’s purification system is reverse osmosis (RO) technology. With reverse osmosis, impurities are filtered out down to the atomic and molecular level. DrinkMore Water’s process removes more than 99.5% of all impurities found in tap water and that includes things like chemical pollutants, pharmaceuticals, metals, endocrine disruptors, bacteria, microorganisms and viruses. The end result is an ultra-purified water that exceeds all of the stringent purity standards established by the US Pharmacopeia.  DrinkMore Water contains less than 2 ppm (parts per million) of TDS (total dissolved solids) so you can be assured that you and your family and/or co-workers are drinking water of the highest quality. If you’re interested in receiving the safest, highest quality water in glass bottles in the Maryland (MD), Washington, DC or Virginia (VA) area, contact us today and we’ll schedule you for a home or office water delivery of our glass water bottles.