About DrinkMore Water

Since 1993, DrinkMore Water has been providing outstanding bottled water delivery service to homes and offices throughout the Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC metro area. DrinkMore Water began with a quest to produce the purest bottled water on the planet and to effect positive change in the local community through good corporate citizenship. We proudly deliver glass 3 gallon bottles and glass 5 gallon bottles of ultra-purified water while providing a truly outstanding level of customer service.

When you call us at DrinkMore Water – the phones are answered by our knowledgeable, local customer sales representatives.  They work here and they live here.  They know the local area and they know bottled water.  While you have many choices for bottled water, there is only one choice if you want to shop locally – and that choice is DrinkMore Water. We pride ourselves as the local choice – but don’t think for a minute that you have to make sacrifices to shop locally.  You don’t.  Instead, we go far above and beyond what the big, multi-national companies do.  We’re locally owned and locally operated.  We don’t deliver to Boston or New York or Philly.  We are focused 100% on the Washington and Baltimore metroplex.

When you do business with DrinkMore Water, you are supporting an American owned and operated company that is committed to providing the best bottled water on the market with the most responsive and dependable service. With DrinkMore Water’s custom engineered 10-stage purification system virtually every impurity is removed from the water, leaving behind nothing but pure, healthy H2O. If you want pure, great tasting water delivered in glass bottles to your home or office, then DrinkMore Water is the choice for you!